You can’t do it

(except Allah wills)

Do you dream of Islamic Revival? 

Because you were



and raised

by an education system 

set by the kuffar.

and then,

You’re mentally shaped

in a physical

and psychological environment

set by your clear enemy,

the kuffar.


you accepted and adopted the Kuffar’s systems

in your ‘Islamic’ Schools

in your ‘Islamic’ Universities,

in your ‘Islamic’ Finance,

in your Trades

and in what not in your daily life.

You just became only

‘Muslim by RITUALS’

but in a Kuffar’s mindset.


are the same as that of the kuffar’s


is as same as that of the kuffar’s

and you live by the PHILOSOPHY

as same as that of the kuffar’s

You became

a ‘product’

in the Kuffar’s ‘manufacturing’ unit.

And you know,

Allah is absolute pure

and He accepts only purity. 


let us raise your kids in a Muslim Mind-set,

so that they will

In Shaa Allah,

Bi Iznillah,

be able to revive Islam.


∼: Building Muslim Mindset – A Madrasa :∼

What is a Muslim? What is it being a Muslim?
How a Muslim differs from a Kafir?

How a Muslim differs from a Kafir?

  • Muslim is the one who, when things presented to him, he uses his mind, he looks for evidence and if it is the truth, he accepts it, that’s the history of people who became Muslim since Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa Sallam started calling to Allah. Ignorance, arrogance and ego have no place in being a Muslim.
  • The truth is presented to him but he ignores it, that’s a character of a Kafir, not of a Muslim.
  • The truth is presented to him but he passes it without giving a further thought about it, this is the character of an ignorant, the Jaheel, not of a Muslim.
  • The truth is presented to him and even though he admits it as the truth but does not accept it, that’s the character of a kafir, not of a Muslim.
  • The truth is presented to him and he knows in his heart that it is the truth but denies accepting it; this is the character of an arrogant kafir, not of a Muslim.
  • The truth is presented to him, he accepts it as the truth but it doesn’t reflect in his action, he goes back to his habit; this is the character of sheep, the cattle, not of a Muslim
  • Truth is presented to him and even though he accepts it as the truth but he does not practice it rather keeps following his father’s ways, that’s the character of a blind follower, not of a Muslim.

Mapping My Journey to Jannat Al-Firdous In Shaa Allah

TimeLine - The ETERNAL Life

O Mankind,

Your Creator created you and equipped you with a device called the brain and its associated organs, unlike that which He gave to His other creations. And honoured you, raised you above all other creations.
And He gave you an eternal life and put you in Al-Jannah – The Paradise.
Then you were placed on this Earth for some time to test your obedience.

And He laid down a path for you back to Jannah.
And He gave you a map narrating every hurdle in detail in that path which you need to be aware of and protect yourself from on your way back to Jannah to live eternally.

He informed you that you have an enemy within yourself, the NAFS – your desire
He informed you that you have an unseen enemy, the shaitan – among the Jinns
He informed you that you have a seen enemy, shaitan – among the Humans
He informed you of your enemy, the kuffar, who will not believe in the creator and those who will not follow the CORRECT guidelines of your creator.

And then He informed you of the hurdle of the life (only around 80 years).
He informed you about the hurdle of the moment of death.
He informed you about the hurdle of the grave (the space of time is unknown).
He informed you about the hurdle of the Resurrection (the space of time is unknown).
He informed you about the hurdle of the Day of Judgement (50,000 years long).
And then he warned you about the greatest hurdle of all, Jahannam, Hell (eternal).

And He laid down exactly how to overcome all those hurdles and make your way back to Jannah.
He detailed everything which, if you do, will make Him LOVE you and that which will make Him HATE you.
He warned you of everything which, if you do, will earn His WRATH and enter you in the FIRE.
And He detailed everything which, if you follow, will earn His Blessing, Mercy and His Forgiveness.

O Mankind,
But you only have this tiny lifespan to work to overcome all those hurdles of the journey which will last for a long long time.

But what are you doing? Why do you only care about ONE hurdle which consists of the smallest unit of your entire journey and forget about the other parts of the journey which are unimaginably longer? How are you so deluded and comfortable in this tiny space of your entire Journey?

If you think this is about you, if you think this connects you, then this blog is designed to give you the whole picture of your journey In Shaa Allah, Bi Iznillah, so that you can find your status as to where you stand, what you lack and what you need to work on. I recommend you browse through the MAP and get your heart involved in it.

May Allah Subhanahu make us understand and May Allah guide us and May Allah, the perpetual forgiver forgive us and allow us to enter into Jannah, the Paradise, our original home. Ameen.

Ever wonder why can’t you remain FOCUS on the path of Allah?

On the other hand, did you notice how much you remain focus when you are on a journey? Do you know why?

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You are reading an Ayah of the Quran or reading a Hadith or listening to a lecture, you are learning something.

You remain focused on whatever you learned today. Tomorrow new things add up because you are learning continuously.

Therefore what happens? You concentrate more on what you learned today and consequently, you give less concentration on the lessons of the previous days.

And soon your focus on that previous ones gets faded away when you have to focus on new things every day. It happens to all of us, right?

So, what do you do? How can you REMAIN focus on ALL the things and issues ALL the time?

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You learned something of Deen today.

But do you know where does it fit in the map of your journey? Exactly how significant it is in the different stages of your journey?

It surely seems important what you learned today but are you giving it the optimum importance it should deserve? Are you keeping yourself busy with less priority ones leaving the most priority ones by going back to your traditions?

You only know it when you put all these thing together in the map of the entire journey in front of you.

That’s what it is for “MAPPING My JOURNEY towards Jannat Al-Firdous, In Shaa Allah.”

The MAP – towards JANNAH
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Quran Memorising Today

Sura Abasa (Ayat 33-36)

Mankind at Loss

Is Allah not Your Rabb, O Muslim (or Mushrik)?

You are recruited to a company and the management gave you conditions.
(1) You work only with us. If you go for a second job you will be fired.
(2) You work as the WAY we train you and command you, if you try doing it in YOUR way or other than OUR way, you will be fired.
You think this is already extreme but you have no idea what really extreme is. His extreme is beyond your level of imagination of extremism. Let me get you this, the authority give you further condition,
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There were people when they were asked who the earth and the heavens (sky) belong to?
You will see Muslims today who say this.
There were people when they were asked “Who created you?”, “Who gives you provisions?”, “Who gives life to the dead?”
You will see Muslims today who say this.
They did tawaf around Allah’s house, they used to do Hajj
You will see Muslims today also do tawaf around the same house, do Hajj to the same house.
They were a nation (tribe) called Quraish.
They believed in Allah and worshipped Allah, but they worshipped others, they took OTHER ILAHA beside Allah, therefore, they were called MUSHRIK, they were not called Muslims.

Muslims in Kuffar's Mindset

Muslims today.
They pray Salat, do Siam, do Hajj, give Zakat, Sadaqa, they even pray Tahajjud, observe Eid in a huge festivity. Yes, they do all rituals whole-heartedly, no doubt about that.
They recite every morning and afternoon, “O kuffars, I will not worship which you worship”. But in reality, they worship what kuffar worship; money, status, prestige, degrees, entertainments, luxury and what not. Therefore, they see the world as the way kuffar see. In their ‘Word of Mouth’ they speak as the way kuffar speak, their LIFESTYLE is that of the kuffar’s, their MIND-SET is that of the kuffar’s.
As they do all the RITUALS of the Deen of Allah whole-heartedly, they also live the life of kuffar’s whole-heartedly and they follow the system of kuffar’s whole-heartedly. They translated and understood ‘Deen’ as ‘Religion’, and then that ‘Religion’ merely became rituals, like that of the kuffar’s.
These are the Muslims today.

Muslims today, surrounded by Kuffar, overtaken by Kuffar and humiliated by Kuffar, not only on the lands but in the minds. They gave Muslims a system of life and Muslims embraced that wholeheartedly.

The kuffars, after they finished their armed crusades and established their foothold on the Muslim lands they started new frontiers of crusades, the school systems, a plot to impact, slowly but permanently, a psychological shift on the Muslim minds.

Yes, after 200 years of introducing and embracing their school systems, this is the result today. In the first wave, Muslims were washed away from the Khilafah (the greatest dam which was supposed to protect the Muslims) And then the following waves became easier, which put Muslims in the multi-layer of waves of shirk.

The example of this is, as if Allah, the Creator of mankind, created men as birds to live in the air, but the Kuffars turned the air into the water of the ocean and pulled the bird into the ocean and shaped it like a fish to live in that ocean. And in 200 years times after introducing their school systems they were able to pull down Muslims from the air into that ocean.

Therefore, Muslims today, at large, instead of coming out from the ocean to the air, they customize Islam with the systems of Kuffar’s, and each of those scholars gives thousands of lectures and produce thousands of videos to bring Ummah to the ‘straight path’ as if they try to extract oxygen from the water in order to make the bird livable in the ocean thus relentlessly customizing Islam according to the Kuffar’s system and that’s how they made the entire Ummah live in an environment of shirk and Kufr.

They choose a life of ease, a version of Islam within their comfort zone and shaitan gives them logic.

Quran for Critical Reasoning

Engaging the mind and the heart with the Quran al-Kareem - one ayah a day.

Then do they not reflect (CONTEMPLATE) upon the Qur'an, or are there LOCKS upon [their] HEARTS? (Al-Quran 47:24)

Imām Ibn al-Qayyim [Allāh have mercy on him] said: “To recite ONE Ayāh of the Qurʿān with CONTEMPLATION and reflection is BETTER than reciting the Qurʿān to completion (reciting ENTIRE Quran) without any contemplation or reflection.” — Source: Miftah Dar as-Sa’adah, (1/358)

Mindset and attitude

(1) I take it personally that either Quran REVEALED TO ME or revealed FOR ME.
(2) Then I also connect and feel attachment through IMAGINATION that either I was present at the TIME of Rasulullah, Salla Allahu alaihi wa Sallam or a Rasul, a messenger was sent for THIS TIME.
(3) Then I read an Ayah or a Hadith, I try to find what’s the instruction there for me and I implement it.
(4) And the final approach is that I ask Allah, Al-Hadi, the Owner of the Day of Judgement, to guide me to that which would save me from the punishment of Qabr, the Qiyamah, Jahannam and save me from the trial of death and life and make my journey towards Jannah easy.
It’s just that simple.
Basically, Separate an Ayah in THREE broader CATEGORIES/Types:
1. Action based: Which is, I have to ACT on it

2. Information based: I don’t have any act on it BUT get CERTAIN knowledge from it which will basically give me Muslim’s mindset or Muslim’s philosophy of things.

3. Dua

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  • Is it a COMMAND/ Instruction/ Order (that I MUST have to OBEY)?
  • Is it a PROHIBITION (that I MUST NOT do)?
    Is it a LIMITATION/ Condition that I have to OBEY/ (keep within the LIMIT)?
  • Is it a WARNING (that I must be CAREFUL of)
  • Is it a RECOMMENDED thing (that I try my BEST to do)?
  • Is it a NOT RECOMMENDED thing (that I try my BEST NOT to do)?
  • Is it a description of the QUALITIES or CHARACTER of the people of JANNAH (that I HAVE TO ACHIEVE)? (Mufliheen, Swoliheen, Swodikeen, Mohsineen etc)
  • Is it a description of QUALITIES or CHARACTER of the people of ZAHANNAM (that I MUST avoid)? (Zalimun, Khasirun etc.)
  • If the Ayah does not fall in any of the above questions then
  • Is it an information/ Statement/ Description of Allah that gives me CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE?
  • Is it a REQUEST/ asking for help?
  • Is it a PRAISE/ Thanks/ Gratitude?
The progression of Critical Reasoning:
A Common base:
Anyone reads or listens to anything (a regular common thing of life) has the ability to understand it and dissect the info from it.
PRIMARY (General) level:
The FIRST attempt is to look for ACTION (A direct COMMAND, Recommendation etc. described in the ‘Simple Approach’)
The THIRD attempt is to look for APPARENT meaning
The FOURTH attempt is to EXTRACT UNKNOWN (UNSPOKEN) from the known (Comes through a minimum general analytical ability)
The FIFTH attempt is to look for INNER the meaning
The SIXTH attempt is to look for RHETORIC meaning. (comes upon understanding linguistic aspect)
ADVANCE level:
The SEVENTH attempt is to EXTRACT UNKNOWN PATTERN from observing a known pattern
The EIGHTH attempt is to EXTRACT SYMMETRY or DI-SYMMETRY (Comes through mathematical analytical ability)
The connecting FINAL Level: 
The NINTH attempt is to DISCUSS with an attitude of ACCOMMODATING other’s opinions (and beware of the arrogance)

The TENTH attempt is to look for RECONCILIATION of your understanding with the greatest minds of Islam, the classical and contemporary scholars by reading Tafsir and explanations.

The detailed understanding and explanation of these levels will follow In Shaa Allah…..

There are basically three groups of people that you need to be aware of as they have the ability to corrupt you.
Among them are the first two, who are professionally trained to corrupt your mind,
their job is to mislead you.
And the third one, surprisingly, you allow to corrupt yourself.

My Critical Reasoning - Quran and Hadith

You read the Quran, you read Hadiths, you listen to lectures.

And then you hear a straight and clear COMMAND from Allah Ajja Wa Jalla and Rasulullah Salla Allahu Alaihi wa Sallam

But that doesn’t IMPACT you.

You remain as you were before,

You yet keep doing things; following your scholars blindly over the clear command of Allah and Rasulullah.

Is that who you are? Then click and read the critical reasoning of Ayat 8:20-22 and know your status with Allah,


Rasulullah Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam said,

“Never a Prophet had been sent before me by Allah towards his nation who had not among his people (his) disciples and companions who followed his ways and obeyed his command.

Then there came after them their successors who said whatever they did not practise and practise whatever they were not commanded to do.

He who strove (JIHAD) against them with his hand was a believer:

he who strove against them with his tongue was a believer,

and he who strove against them with his heart was a believer

and beyond that, there is no faith even to the extent of a mustard seed.”

Did you get what you just read? Did you understand what is in it for you? Then do a critical reasoning yourself first.

And then you might want to CLICK and READ from here.

8:20. O you who have believed, obey Allah and His Messenger and do not turn from him while you hear [his order].

What does this mean?

  1. Allah ORDERS you to OBEY Allah and Rasulullah
  2. PROHIBITS you to DISOBEY after you HEAR/know His order

8:21 And do not be like those who say, “We have heard,” while they do not hear.

What did Allah say here?


Who are ‘THEM’?

Those who ACKNOWLEDGING His command (by saying, “we have heard”)

But Allah said “they don’t hear”

What does it mean? They say “we heard”, Allah said, “they don’t”, what does this mean?

Read MORE…

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O Muslims, get rid of SHIRK from your 'Words of Mouth' and call the days of the week by these names

O Muslims, You had a DEEN given by Allah, your Rabb. But then Kuffar overpowered you and so, you not only follow the DEEN of kuffar’s but also the SHIRK that they brought in that deen. Therefore, let’s CORRECT the SHIRK in your ‘Words of Mouth’

يَوم الأحَد

yawm al-aHad Not Sunday

يَوم الإثنين

yawm al-Ithnayn Not Monday

يَوم الثلاثاء

yawm ath-Thulatha'a Not Tuesday

يَوم الأربعاء

yawm al-Arbia'a Not Wednesday

يَوم الخميس

yawm al-Khamees Not Thursday

يَوم الجمعة

yawm al-Jumua'ah Not Friday

يَوم السبت

yawm as-Sabt Not Saturday